Applicants must submit all information in one sitting. We highly advise all applicants to first type all their answers in a word processing program and then cut and paste them into the fields below.

Scholarship judges are not members of the Clyde community and may not be familiar with acronyms or local clubs, organizations, or charities.

Be sure to be descriptive of any club, organization, or charity in your answers and describe your role(s) and involvement.

In selecting a recipient, scholarship trustees will take into consideration:

• Thoughtful, substantive, and reflective answers to the questions below.
• Participation and involvement in high school, community, church, and other related activities
• Desire, work ethic, and overall attitude
• Quality of written responses to application questions
• A submitted recommendation questionnaire from an employee of Clyde High School, such as a teacher, coach, or counselor. (Required)
• A submitted recommendation questionnaire from an adult member of the community who is not an employee of Clyde High School and not related to the applicant, such as an employer, pastor, organization leader, or neighbor. (Required)

Though not required, copies of high school transcripts or other supporting documentation are welcome, please follow the instructions in your email confirmation.